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Each ident had it's own style and feel so we recorded a huge library of foley to manipulate creatively.

Victoria Klewin
Victoria Klewin on vocals.

The Pause Fest 2012 Opening Titles was a fantastic opportunity for us. As with all our projects we created bespoke sound design but for this we wanted to add something extra special to the musical composition. To achieve this we decided to use a range of musicians and techniques.

Singer Jospehine Lloyd came on board and we were thrilled with her ethereal qualities. We love the time-stretch algorithms from Paul Stretch which was used to create a bed of interesting female tones. To compliment the harmonies we used a small male choir made from a local group called Sing Out Bristol.

Contact mics on glass
We created over 200 loops.

Guitar playing was from Liam Kirby, an exceptional instrumentalist who suggested using a Greek Bouzouki. It gave an organic yet other worldly sound which fitted well with the futuristic themes. As always we couldn't resist getting some analog synths into the mix including arps, stabs and pulses from an Octave Cat and Moog Little Phatty. Plus the Roland Jupiter 6 triggered a vocoder on the Ensoniq-DP4 creating a unique futuristic voice.

Written by
David, November 2012

The Results

Listen to these renders using our bespoke loop library.