Echoic Idents

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Welcome to the process section where we delve deeper into our projects. First up some insight into the Echoic Idents.

Pouring rock and crystals.
Recording rocks and crystals.

When developing our new visual identity we set out to create something that would lend itself well to animation and motion design. We asked some of our favourite visual artists to create their own unique vision of the Echoic logo. We intentionally left the brief open so they had plenty of creative freedom to explore the meaning of Echoic: Imitative of natural sounds; onomatopoeic.

Each ident needed a different tone and audio identity: a combination of music and sound design. For the sound design we recorded a huge bank of source material. High quality recordings were made including movement of metal, rock and glass using two Sanken CS3 microphones, two contact mics and a Sound Devices 722 recorder. We processed these high quality recordings using techniques such as granular synthesis, real time manipulation and bespoke sampler instruments to create a varied sonic palette.

Contact mics on glass
Contact mics on broken windscreen.

Tim Borgmann's intro called for cinematic sound design with a big impact and dynamic movement. The crunching sounds at the beginning were formed by recording moving windscreens and breaking chalk blocks with a hammer. We created the triangular tunnel flythrough layers by capturing the sound of a rolling metal bolt with rising cymbal scrapes. By pouring and sweeping rock and crystal textures we created the perfect sounds for Nahuel Salcedo's ident. Applying the sound of reversed windchimes added a lighter layer to transitions. The ROARK ident was barren and stark and used many organic layers from this session including rock impacts and pouring pebbles.

Musical elements varied, again to give each ident its own style and sound. Nahuel's used electro pulses made from a range of synths like Jupiter 6 and Octave Cat. Victoria Klewin, a superb classical singer, added cinematic depth to ROARK's bleak visual style. We combined shiny musical tones to replicate the abstract lighting style for Make Make Studio's  ident.


The Results

Listen to some of the raw sounds then again with some abstract transformations