D&AD Idents

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The 'I Wish I'd Done That' idents required a large palette of innovative recordings. 

Recording Mechanical Duck
Toy duck for engine flybys.

The D&AD pencil is iconic in the industry and Factory Fifteen utilised the pencil's wooden material to create a series of playful carousels. The pencil cracks open and wooden characters and objects unfold from within, spinning around the pencil's centre.

We recorded a large amount of foley to use as a general palette of wooden textures in these idents. Things like clicking chopsticks, rolling pencils, twisting a rubiks cube, a wooden massager and a wooden train set. A wind up duck gave a fantastic mechanical texture that was used for the flying engines. We created a doppler effect by physically whizzing the duck past the mic. 

Recording wooden movements
Clunking sounds on a wooden table.

To create the inner sounds of the carousels we played various items to create rhythmic layers. The handle of a wooden mallet gently knocking back and forth on a table made a repetitive clunk. Holding a drum stick in the centre and flicking the ends back and forth made a satisfying tick-tock. To align each rhythm to the same tempo we warped the layers in Ableton. When the layers were played together it sounded organic but was too repetitive like a wooden clock. We wanted a sound more like a wooden automata. The best results came when we broke the layers up again mixing between different textures. We eventually came up with the perfect balance between cyclical repetition and odd rhythmic clunks.

The Results

Some manipluated recordings used in the D&AD idents.