Keeping It Real

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Using live musicians is an essential part of our process. 

Lucy Simmonds playing cello
Lucy Simmonds playing cello.

We always believe that recording live musicians brings a depth and uniqueness to our music. When From Form approached us to compose music for their Coffee Company film we suggested using a variety of live musicians to match the hand crafted nature of their work.

The film used a one-shot tracking technique following a bespoke made 15m wooden table. This natural aesthetic inspired us to use a marimba player called Nick Baron to match the wooden tones. We recorded a huge volume of takes from simple arpeggios to really complex solo work. The simple takes worked really well in the final mix.

Playing guitar
Liam Kirby on guitar.

Lucy Simmonds was our first choice for cello player. She has a great ear for melody and improvises with real sophistication. The deep tones of the cello worked fantastically and her light bouncy riff created a fun element to the composition without sounding cheesy. The rhythm of the music was based around us jamming using a variety wooden blocks.  We then asked Liam Kirby to play various guitar and ukulele parts to emphasise the rhythmical structures. 

Check our the compositions below including an alternative mix with live jazz drums from session player Jonathan Howells

The Results

Listen to the compositions in full.